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  • When unpacking the goods, during its storage, installation and operation is not allowed:

    - mutual contact of mirrors and glasses surface

    - mutual contact of glasses, mirrors and hard surface

    - hard moving of mirror production

  • The rules of safety precautions during installation of mirrors and glass products must be followed
  • Glass and mirror furniture should be placed in a room with its humidity 45-55%. A significant deviation of the specified conditions leads to deterioration of consumer properties of the goods
  • Mirror and glass furniture can be moved only with even loading distribution on all the supporting elements of the furniture
  • It is not recommended to place mirror furniture closer 1 m from heaters and other heat sources, as well as under direct influence of heat and sunlight
  • It is not allowed to place hot goods on the mirror surface without heat - insulating pads
  • Mirror and glass surfaces should be wiped with a soft cloth or sponge, using a glass cleaner. Please read the instructions for use before using cleaners and detergents
  • Loading capacity on the mirror and glass surface must be distributed evenly following the principle: the heaviest goods should be placed closer to supports, the lightest goods – to the center of the surface. Glass and mirror countertops can withstand loads up to 20 kg/m2
  • Attention! During operation of glass and mirror production remember that cracks on the surface are with risk of injury. In case of damaging of glass and mirror products it is strongly recommended to refuse from its future operation.
Mirror furniture


Furniture operation:

  • Cabinet furniture should be used in accordance with functional purpose of each product
  • It is recommended to use cabinet furniture in rooms with its temperature 10-40C and its humidity not more than 80%. Changes in temperature and humidity can negatively affect the properties of furniture and individual parts
  • Do not install furniture near heating appliances
  • Furniture and mirrors must be protected from direct sunlight, because furniture color and its appearance can be changed under sunlight influence
  • Do not put hot products on the surface of furniture
  • Furniture should be protected from mechanical damage. As to avoid damage don’t drop sharp and heavy objects on the surface of the furniture
  • Move furniture by lifting it slightly off the floor

Furniture care:

  • Care of furniture with a slightly damp, soft close
  • Surface cleaning should be carried out with special wax-based furniture and wood polishes or neutral detergents. It is not allowed to use products that are not intended for furniture care
  • Only soft cleaning products without abrasive effect and aggressive components should be used for care of glass and mirror surfaces
  • Carefully read composition of cleaning products.
Cabinet furniture


  • Avoid hitting of natural stone surfaces with heavy objects, don’t use sharp tools when opening the package
  • Surfaces made of natural stone and marble are often covered by strong protective PVC film which was applied at the factory. Hot dishes can’t be put on the surface without mats. Safety temperature: -20C to +80C
  • Natural stone surfaces are sensitive to bumps and scratches. Place napkins or mats under decorative objects – vases, candleholders etc, as to avoid scratches
  • If you need to move a table with a marble top – first remove the table top, than move base, than move the base to desired position and put table top back. Don’t pull. Tables are usually heavy, it is recommended two people at least moving them
  • For daily care for stone table top dump cloth should be used. Spilled liquid and wet objects must be wiped up immediately with soft cloth to prevent spots and discoloration of the surface. Waxes and silicon based polishes in aerosol packaging can’t be used as they may react with the finish of the stone.
  • Furniture made of marble and natural stone is handmade. Small scratches or abrasions on the stone may occur during its polishing process. It can’t be considered as a defect.
Marble and natural stone furniture



Linen upholstery is not afraid of vacuum cleaner, wet cleaning and iron drying. However after removing the stains – the wet spot’s surface firstly should be wiped by clean dry towel. Then it is recommended to sprinkle the surface by soda as it is absorbs excess moisture at the borders of the stain.

However, linen also has such property as a rapid absorption of liquids. If you accidentally spill coffee, juice or wine on a linen sofa the liquid will be absorbed instantly.

Attention: do not postpone the removing of stains on the upholstery «for later» - the coloring pigment is firmly eaten into the structure of natural fibers. Cleaning should srat immediately, for example by wiping the stain with a damp towel. Then sprinkle with salt or soda to absorb moisture. And wash the fabric and clean with a stain remover as soon as possible.



To remove fresh dirt stains, it is enough to use a weak foamed solution of household or baby soap.

Remove dust only with a slightly damp, well-wrung cloth or napkin.

Do not rub or press on the upholstery during wet cleaning of the sofa.

Use soft fabric napkins – microfiber, soft cotton, calico or flannel.

Furniture should be placed away from heating appliances and direct sunlight.

Once every six months rub the leather upholstery of the sofa with a water-repellent composition for leather products.

We advise you to trim or file the claws of pets if they spend time on the sofas.

To keep the shine of the material use the same products as for natural leather – creams and sprays.



Generally cleaning is possible with a soft brush (movement only in the direction of the pile) and using vacuum cleaner. Removal of grease and other spots is carried out using a napkin. Water, mild soap, delicate cleansers can be used (they should not contain bleach and alkalis). If the soiling is significant dry cleaning methods are recommended.


Faux fur

To remove dirt, it is recommended to use water-based cleaners or foam made from mild soap (for example, baby soap), avoiding overwetting the base. The use of alcohols and solvents is not allowed. To restore the appearance of the pile, you can use a brush. The fur should only be combed when it is completely dry.

Faux fur


Artificial suede furniture fabric requires careful handling and delicate dry care. Wet cleaning is contraindicated for such upholstery.

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